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“We hope to develop not just customers but Friendships and Business Partnerships that last a lifetime.”
Kelly Kennedy
Business Development Lead / CEO

Who We Are

Established in 2020, Capital Business Development opened with the goal of creating meaningful and prosperous relationships for our clients and their customers. At Capital Business Development, relationships come first.

With the modern world of E-Commerce and Public Tenders it’s easy to lose focus on the importance of relationships in your business. The fact is, relationships are everything.

Capital Business Development works with you and your team to not only create those critical relationships but to develop them into mutually beneficial partnerships.

Your Opinion Matters


Jeremey Carroll

Outstanding to work with. Provided immediate value to our organization. Meetings with perspective clients within days of onboarding and contracts in hand within a month. Well rounded business professionals who provide you with the business development and marketing tools you need to succeed. Not only do they provide you with opportunity, they help you refine your marketing strategy with the many years of experience they bring to the table. Would recommend Capital Business Development to any professional looking to grow their business.

Jeremey Carroll

Director - Solace Safety Solutions

Gordon Canning

If you are looking for someone to help with your business marketing, I highly recommend Capital Marketing.
Kelly is a high energy professional, with all the know how to boost your company profile and exposure.

Gordon Canning

Owner - Boomer Inspection & Consulting Inc.

Dean Lunt

I have dealt with Kelly as a BD Representative for a number of years now. He has always been responsive to our needs, looking for ways to be ahead of our requirements.

Dean Lunt

VP of Quality - Ledcor Industries Inc.

Gordon Orser

Excellent Business Development services. Kelly’s industry experience, work ethic, and energy continue to help my business in establishing new connections and business opportunities.

Gordon Orser

President - IPEC Systems Inc.

Priyanka Pandey

I have had the pleasure of working with Kelly for over 5 years now and the first words that comes to my mind about Kelly is “Relationship Builder”. He truly cares about his clients and the quality of outcome that he provides to his clients. He is absolutely jovial, and a treat to work with. He goes the extra mile in order to deliver the best services to his clients. In today’s business world, I have always seen him putting his clients’ needs first before his own interests. No matter when you call him, he will get the job done. If you are looking for someone who cares about you and someone who is genuinely there to help you take your business forward, he is the one.

Priyanka Pandey

HR Coordinator

Selva Nadar

“We hired Kelly Kennedy after his business schooling and have been with us for 8 years. He was a quick learner and helped us to improve our revenue substantially and his biggest strength is building client relationships and maintaining it, which brings in repeat business every year. He is very professional and helps in all the aspects of the business and he is highly recommended for all business development and operational support.”

Selva Nadar

Founder/Technical Manager Engrity Inspection Services Inc.

Mohammed Al-Ghoul

I have worked with Kelly for the past 6 years and the valued added has been amazing. Kelly has on numerous occasions stepped up to the challenge and exceeded my expectations in regards to supporting our quality needs. His dedication and hard work is the foundation to the successes he has had over the years. I would recommend Kelly’s 5 star service to any and all of my professional connections.

Mohammed Al-Ghoul

Director of Quality Mastec Canada

Daryl Currie CET

Kelly Kennedy is one of the most professional and exceptionally personable people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with in the Business world. He is always reliable and willing to go the extra mile to make his clients happy. He works hard, but most of all he cares about his professional relationships and the satisfaction of his clientele. He is always pleasant to deal with and we have had many good conversations over the years as well as many laughs. I have worked with Kelly since 2013, and will continue to do so in whatever endeavor he may pursue. Kelly is the definition of a stand up guy, he never disappoints and he always gives you 100% effort, Kelly is not only a business associate, I consider him a friend.

Daryl Currie CET

Turnover Coordinator, Site Consultant, Heartland Petrochemical Complex

James Burrows

Kelly is a genuine master of building relationships, I have had the pleasure of working alongside Kelly for the last 10 years in many different disciplines, Kelly is committed to his customers in ways that go above and beyond what is normal, his ability to inspire others and bring out the best in all situations is evident in his professionalism and fiercely strong work ethic. Kelly is highly skilled, always makes time to manage his business relations and never backs down from a challenge, he gets my vote for someone I choose to work with as he brings tremendous value no other company can match.

James Burrows

VP-Operations, Milron

Rob Greenland

If you’re looking for a genuine person that doesn’t just care about your business, but also cares about you, Kelly is your man. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kelly for the last 8yrs, where he has displayed the utmost professionalism, dedication and reliability, in meeting the demands of our business. Kelly is there 24/7 to ensure your needs are met, and never fails to deliver on time. A very personable guy that not only has the professional knowledge, skills and experience within Business Development, but also has the natural, likable personality, that you can’t help but love. A perfect combination.

Rob Greenland

Director, Quality & Technical Services, AECOM

What Can We Do for Your Business?


  • Sales Coaching & Consulting

    We can always use a little help in the sales department. After all, sales are the life blood of your company.

  • Relationship Generation & Maintenance

    In business, relationships are everything and the best relationships bring value to both you and your customer.

  • Lead Generation

    We know you value your customers and the work you do for them. We also know that amidst uncertain economic times, it is imperative to keep our funnels full and our eyes open for the next great opportunity.

  • Management Assistance

    Capital Business Development can offer a non-biased outside perspective on your project to help make it a success. Sometimes an external set of eyes on a problem can make all the difference.

  • Marketing Planning & Development

    One of the key pillars of good lead generation is getting out there and hitting the pavement.

Why Choose Capital Business Development?

With over a decade of Sales & Business Development experience in Alberta, we are well positioned to support your team in creating the relationships you are looking for. We will help your team book meetings, create friendships and build better relationships with your clients than you may have ever imagined possible.

Make a sale and you create a customer; make a friend and you have a customer for life.

Capital Business Development can help your team with Sales Coaching & Consulting, Relationship Building, Lead Generation, Management Assistance, Marketing Planning & Development and Partnership Development.

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