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Capital BD Podcast Guests

"Trusted by thousands,
sponsored by you."

Capital BD Podcast hosted by Kelly Kennedy
When it comes to sponsorship alignment - the audience and the organization is everything. In selecting the right sponsors we ensure that both the sponsor and the audience both stand to gain!

Kelly Kennedy

Cole Rosentreter
Douglas Holt
Ben Spangl
Faheem Khan
Dan Balaban
Mitch Jacobsen
Ross Huartt
Patrick Gaskin
Jack Schafer

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We are not interested in simply producing a show,



Considering Sponsorship? 
Let's Dive into the Numbers.


9 New Episodes per Month on Average
2 New Episodes per Week
140+ Episodes

65+ Expert Guest Episodes to date
42+ Expert Guests on Waitlist
2+ Expert Guests per Week recorded for Future Release

10,500+ Average Downloads per Month
2,600+ Average Downloads per Week

300+ Ad Spots Available. Only two ads per show unlike other leading shows to maximize your brand awareness.

130 Countries. Top 100 Show in 31 Countries (Canada, UK, Australia, Germany & more...)

65% North American Based
35% Worldwide

Social Media

1800+ Linkedin Subscribers + 150 / Month on Average.

20,000+ Direct Reach of every post on LinkedIn.

1M+ Indirect Reach through LinkedIn Groups

Weekly Posting on: 

LinkedInInstagram & YouTube

With the Business Development Podcast,

you won't find unrelated ads.

Only real business, real value, real results. 

#1 Source of Expert Business Development Advice.

In it's debut year, The Business Development Podcast was named “Best Business Podcast”

Quill Best Business Podcast

Numbers Are Great,
Community is Better

Current & Past Sponsors

Our audience is composed of business professionals with a vested interest in seeing their business thrive.

Whether that be business owners, CEO's, executives, or business development reps alike, they seek fresh perspectives in the form of new thoughts, methods, and ideas to improve their growth initiatives.

With your businesses unique value we provide the platform to have these motivated individuals see your business for the benefits you have worked so hard to provide!

CBD Podcast

If you think our audience would connect with your brand we would love to hear from you!


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